Create new messages and communication strategies that increase Clean product sales during existing seasonal spikes (Dec, Jan, Feb, March), and bring in new users by creating new seasonal spikes at times of the year based on other seasonal triggers.

This project was a capstone for my degree at Miami University. The client, Clean, is a health and wellness company that provides supplements and shakes, and was looking for an advertising strategy that would capitalize on seasonal triggers. My team conducted research throughout the semester and defined our target market as 25-35 year old affluent women who were interested in taking their health journey from good to great.  Our solution was to create a core message that speaks to our target market and could be adapted to each season. 

In addition, our research showed that women within our target market were looking to be a part of a community, so we created seasonal start dates for the 21 day program that would allow large groups of consumers to share the journey of the program at the same time. I worked on the application of this community aspect by creating a prototype for a mobile app as well as informational pages for the Clean website. Users would sign up for the app and enter their desired start date. They could then track their progress throughout the program, check in on discussion boards with other users, and find healthy seasonal recipes endorsed by Clean.

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