Create a brand identity and applications for the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.

A brand identity was created with a new logo, color scheme, and advertising campaign that highlighted the dark and somewhat quirky nature of the museum. NOPM consists of exhibits about the origins of medical pharmacy as well as alcoholic cocktails, and is located in the French quarter of New Orleans. The new logo was designed to be a
flexible 4x4 grid that could swap out letters for a series of icons that allude to the museum’s content, with the brand guide specifying the rules for doing such. I created a color palette which paired with a set of textures that blended the Louisiana geography with the eerie subject matter. The advertising campaign introduced a touch of dark humor with tag-lines such as “where can you find drugs in NOLA?” or “what’s the opposite of big pharma?”, with the answer always being the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.

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