Design a brand identity for a motorcycle company that caters specifically to women.

The name Queenpin is a feminized version of the term kingpin, meaning a sharp turn or something that is essential to the success of an organization. The essence of the brand is empowering and edgy, focusing on capable women unapologetically intruding into a male dominated industry. The business is based out of San Diego, CA, which was a largely inspiring factor behind the logo, a geometric stylized longhorn skull adorned with a crown. The color palette was chosen to be bold and unforgiving, making the brand feel inherently fast paced and intense. The graphic style focuses on the women more-so than the bikes they’re riding by using empowering angles and edgy posing. The motorcycles are supplemental in the graphics to give context and showcase the product when necessary. The copy in the advertisements is directly speaking to the modern woman who is not afraid to be loud and take up space. The brand is simply summed up by it’s tagline: for the daring woman.

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